What you need to apply

Prerequisite Courses

  • The courses below are required for admission; you may apply while coursework is in progress:

Prerequisite Coursework

Biochemistry 3 4
Human Anatomy* 3 4
Human Physiology* 3 4
Introduction to Psychology 3 4
Microbiology 3 4

Recommended Coursework

Statistics 3 4
Research Design 3 4
Technical Writing 3 4
Medical Terminology 3 4
Medical Ethics 3 4
Child, Developmental or Abnormal Psychology 3

*The Human Anatomy and Human Physiology requirements can be met by taking a combined Human Anatomy & Human Physiology I and Human Anatomy & Human Physiology II course sequence over two terms.  A single combined Human Anatomy & Human Physiology course alone will not meet the prerequisite requirements.


  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education prior to matriculation into the program.
  • A minimum overall and science GPA of 2.50 is required.
  • All prerequisite coursework grades must be “C” or higher and must have been taken within the last ten years.
  • It is recommended that prerequisite coursework have been taken within the last five years.   
  • If you have studied outside the US, you will need to have your transcripts evaluated for US equivalency using a service such as www.wes.org or www.ece.org.


  • The Graduate Education Record (GRE) examination taken within five years of the time of application.
  • The general examination is sufficient to meet this requirement.            
  • There is no minimum score for the GRE requirement.  Successful candidates typically have scores above the 50th percentile in all 3 areas, and above 5.0 in the Analytical portion.
  • Please release your GRE scores to code #0276 for "Rosalind Franklin U Phys Asst CASPA".

Letters of Recommendation

  • Minimum of two, and a maximum of three letters of recommendation are required. 
  • At least one of the letters submitted should be from either an instructor who can attest to the applicant’s scholastic aptitude, or a health care professional with whom the applicant has worked.
  • All letters must be submitted to CASPA.  Direct submissions to the University will not be accepted.

Computer Competency

  • Proficiency in basic computer skills.

Medical Terminology

  • Proficiency in medical terminology is expected of all students at the time of matriculation.

Patient Care

  • Prior direct patient-care related medical experience and/or shadowing PAs in clinical practice is strongly recommended.
  • Coming into the program, successful applicants typically have at least 1,200 hours of direct patient contact and PA shadowing experience.
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