College of Pharmacy

Mission and Vision


To serve the nation through excellence in pharmacy education, research, and practice, with a commitment to patient-centered interprofessional care, community service, life-long learning, and an ethos of social responsibility.


To be recognized as a leader in pharmacy education who is dedicated to educating future pharmacists to serve humankind and their communities with competence, compassion and in an ethical manner.

Core values

Excellence, integrity, communication, interprofessionalism, scholarship, scientific curiosity, compassion, service, and diversity.

The Goals of the College of Pharmacy


•Foster interprofessional education with learning in healthcare teams. 

•Prepare students to deliver contemporary patient-centered interprofessional care in a changing healthcare environment by instilling appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

•Address diverse learning styles through the use of modern electronic resources and provide full training for faculty, students and staff on supported software.

•Emphasize and model the importance of evidence-based healthcare principles.

•Develop an environment that supports and fosters life-long learning


•Develop and support research activities among faculty, students, and staff to create knowledge

•Extend scientific, educational, clinical, and interprofessional knowledge to advance patient care, public health, and the pharmacy profession. 

Community Service

•Facilitate health promotion, wellness and preventative health care in diverse communities


•Foster leadership that encourages advocacy and advances the profession.


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