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Scholarships and Awards


The College of Pharmacy offers scholarships to help students finance their pharmacy education. These scholarships include:

College-sponsored Scholarships
The College of Pharmacy Scholarship Committee selects the recipients for these awards and the funds are provided by the College of Pharmacy. These awards are reserved for the incoming P1 class. In order to be eligible, applicants must demonstrate strong academic ability during their undergraduate years, leadership and financial need.

Centennial Scholarship Campaign
The Centennial Campaign has raised more than $350,000 for scholarships for Pharmacy students. These awards are reserved for students in their P1-P4 years. Recipients must demonstrate strong academic ability, leadership and financial need.  

Dean’s Commitment to the Future of Pharmacy
Founding Dean Gloria Meredith initiated this fund by pledging a portion of her annual salary to support College of Pharmacy scholarships. The fund also receives donations from various internal and external benefactors and the proceeds from the annual Wine Tasting Benefit are dedicated to this fund. These awards are reserved for the P2-P4 year students. Recipients must demonstrate strong academic ability, leadership, a commitment to team-based practice, and qualifying financial need.  

Community Pharmacy Foundation Awards
Annual awards have been provided through generous gifts to the College from many organizations and foundations focused on community pharmacy. These awards are reserved for the P2-P4 year students. Recipients must demonstrate strong academic ability, leadership, a strong interest in community pharmacy practice, and qualifying financial need.

Walgreen’s Diversity Scholarship
This award is provided through a generous gift to the College from Walgreens. This award is given annually to a deserving P2 or P3 student. Recipients must demonstrate a strong commitment to activities that support diversity in the College and the community.

Other Scholarship Opportunities
Please revisit this site to learn about additional scholarship opportunities made available to our student body.


The College of Pharmacy provides awards to recognize outstanding students and their commitment to the College and the pharmacy profession. These awards include:

P1 Awards

P2 Awards

Overall College of Pharmacy Awards

  • Excellence in Pharmacy Practice
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutics
  • Excellence in Chemistry
  • P1 Pharmacy Skills Laboratory Award
  • P1 ICLB Poster Award
  • P1 Excellence in Experiential Educational Award
  • Excellence in the P1 Year
  • Medicinal Chemistry Award
  • Excellence in General Medicine and Infectious Disease
  • Excellence in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  • Excellence in Pharmacology
  • P2 Pharmacy Skills Laboratory Award
  • P2 ICLB Poster Award
  • P2 Excellence in Experiential Education Award
  • Excellence in the P2 Year
  • Most Improved Student Award
  • Professionalism and Outstanding Conduct
  • Student Leadership Award
  • Dean's Award for Service to the College
  • Lilly Achievement Award


Additional Information

Please contact the Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs ( for additional information. 

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