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Student Research Projects

Dr. David Harrison

Dr. Harrison’s research is focused on the catalytic specificity of enzymes.  It involves using X-ray crystallography, site-directed mutagenesis, and mechanistic enzymology to determine what keeps a reaction in an enzyme on pathway.  He is also using X-ray crystallography to explore which inhibitor and enzyme properties contribute to molecular recognition. Dr. Harrison’s student is working on purifying and possibly crystallizing the enzyme caspase-1.  If successful, the crystal structure will be determined using X-ray crystallography.

Dr. Ateequr Rahman

Dr. Rahman’s research project examines the impact of an interprofessional care model on professional practitioners and the resultant outcomes for patients with diabetes.  His students will be working on data analysis, literature review, and reporting results.

Dr. Eric Walters

Dr. Walters' research uses computational chemistry and computer modeling to search for new drug leads and to optimize existing leads.  His students are working on HIV protease inhibitor design, high throughput in silico screening for drug leads in several therapeutic areas, modeling of human connexin proteins, and investigation of binding modes for oligomycin and related antibiotics .

Dr. Sean Kane & Dr. Scott Hanes

Dr. Hanes and Dr. Kane will be conducting a retrospective chart review using patient data at Advocate Condell Medical Center. Their research projects will focus on patient outcomes in critical care therapeutics. Their students will be developing a research question, conducting a thorough literature review, designing a research project with IRB approval, conducting data collection, and ultimately drafting a publication-quality manuscript.  

Dr. Abbie Lyden and Dr. Kevin Rynn

Drs. Lyden and Rynn are looking at the effect of migraine pharmacotherapy on patient stay in the Emergency Department.  In the United States, headaches account for approximately 2.1 million ED visits annually.  Recent drug shortages have further complicated the treatment of migraines in the ED as first line treatments have been intermittently unavailable.  The aims of this study are to (1) determine if the selection of migraine pharmacotherapy affects length of stay in the emergency department (2) and to ascertain whether the climate of drug shortages has had an effect on migraine treatment.

Kristy Shanahan

Ms. Shanahan’s project involves developing, administering, and evaluating a survey tool to evaluate 1) practices related to techniques involving blood borne pathogens and 2) knowledge of blood borne pathogen risks in educators in health care professions that deal with blood borne pathogens.

Dr. Rahul Deshmukh

Dr. Deshmukh's project involves evaluating the role of plasma protein binding in the pharmacokinetics of Micafungin.

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