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Lung Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum Development

Sara Connor, RN, DNP, CRNA

DNP Nurse Anesthesia 

Lung Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum Development

Project Category: Evidence Implementation

Project Team: Sara Connor, DNP, CRNA Justin Marsee, DNP, CRNA Franklin McShane, DNP, CRNA (Advisor)


Background: Recently, anesthesia professionals have become increasingly interested in ultrasound utilization in the perioperative period, and educational credentialing bodies are beginning to encourage anesthesia programs to develop a curriculum that is reflective of these clinical advancements. As a result, Rosalind Franklin University’s Nurse Anesthesia program sought to create a robust Point of Care Ultrasound, or POCUS, curriculum to complement the existing regional anesthesia ultrasound content presented to cohorts prior to beginning clinical residency. The focus of this portion of the curriculum development initiative was aimed at lung ultrasound.

Methods: Utilizing research on educational models, content was created to showcase the most critical elements of lung ultrasound for delivery to novice learners. The educational content was delivered via in-person lectures supplemented by PowerPoint presentations, after which learners were given an opportunity for hands-on scanning. A post-lecture survey was administered to assess the effectiveness of the content delivery.

Results: The post-lecture survey found that 85.2% of respondents agreed that the lung ultrasound content increased their interest in the topic, with 92.6% responding that this content was applicable to their future practice as a CRNA. Additionally, 96.2% of respondents felt this content should be included in the curriculum even if it was not required by the Council on Accreditation.

Conclusions: An organizational need for POCUS educational content was identified by the university’s anesthesia department. Effective delivery methods were reviewed in literature, the findings of which were utilized to develop curriculum for lung ultrasound. With POCUS training being recognized as a core skill that is foundational to the skills and capabilities of anesthesia providers, it was concluded that this content should be incorporated into existing curriculum.

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