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The ICC Experience


  • All clinicians at ICC are faculty at Rosalind Franklin University, and volunteer their time to serve the community while educating students. Our clinicians represent a diverse team of licensed healthcare professionals.


  • The ICC is a student-led clinic. The students organize and facilitate the clinic operations in collaboration with RFUMS faculty and RFUHC staff.
  • In the clinic, students greet patients and check them in, and are the first people to meet with the patient before meeting with the attending clinician to develop a plan of care.

Outside the clinic, students are involved with every aspect of clinic operations. Some examples include: appointment scheduling, care coordination, policy development, community outreach, student volunteer coordination, and fundraising.

For students, the opportunity to serve at the ICC offers many benefits. Among them:

  • Early clinical experience
  • Real-life exposure to social determinants of health 
  • Networking and collaboration with peers from other disciplines
  • Opportunity to work closely with faculty and administration


The ICC only sees patients who do not have insurance coverage.  No payment is taken.

  • Patients at ICC have access to a wide variety of services: basic primary care medicine, behavioral health, health coaching, physical therapy and podiatric care. 
  • Patients are seen by a team of interprofessional clinicians and students.
  • The ICC is a bridge to a primary care home and can help patients connect with healthcare and services in the area.