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Getting Involved


  • Most students involved in the ICC do so through volunteering to serve on a patient care team, called an Interprofessional (IP) team. The ICC operates weekly on Thursday evenings,during which IP teams are assigned an incoming patient. The student team takes a history and interviews the patient, and later reports to a team of providers to develop a plan of care. Students can volunteer as frequently or infrequently as their schedule permits, but no matter how often they volunteer each student gains valuable experience working in an interprofessional team and better understands the obstacles facing our most underserved and vulnerable populations.

Committees (Interprofessional Panel)

  • The student leadership that operates the clinic is organized into various committees, which is collectively called the Interprofessional Panel, to help coordinate the logistics of the ICC. Dozens of motivated and caring students from multiple health professional programs come together to advocate for patients and use student perspective to improve the educational clinical exposure the ICC provides to all RFU students. If you are a student interested in participating in the student leadership panel, please email

Executive Officer Board

  • Leading the student committees are members of the 14-person Executive Officer Board. This board of student leaders are the primary leaders for the ICC, and help coordinate efforts between Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, RFU Health Clinics, the DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute and ICC students to ensure that the ICC stays true to its mission of service and interprofessional education. If you are interested in getting involved with ICC or have questions, email the Executive Officer Board at
Claire Ziemba

Claire Ziemba, M1

President, CMS 2020

Noor Siddiqi

Noor Siddiqi, M1

Vice President, CMS 2020

Preksha Maiya

Preksha Maiya, DPT1

Archivist, DPT 1

Sally Ladsaria

Sally Ladsaria, M1

Executive Officer of Interprofessional Panel, CMS 202

Sean Turbidy

Sean Turbidy, M1

Executive Officer of Medical Informatics, CMS 2020

Rob Loanzon

Rob Loanzon, M1

Executive Officer of Clinical Operations, CMS 2020

Cherilyn Acorda

Cherilyn Acorda, M1

Executive Officer of Standards and Safety, CMS 2020

Estefan Beltran

Estefan Beltran, M1

Executive Officer of Community Outreach, CMS 2020

Sarah Guistolisi

Sarah Guistolisi, M1

Executive Officer of Public Relations, CMS 2020

Angie Youssef

Angie Youssef, P1

Executive Officer of Multicultural Affairs, SCPM 2020

Jennifer Leonard

Jennifer Leonard, N2

Executive Officer of Resource and Education Development, DePaul Nursing

Kylie Reikowski

Kylie Reikowski, Pharm2

Executive Officer of Scheduling and Training, College of Pharmacy 2019

Rekha Narayanan

Rekha Narayanan, P1

Executive Officer of Research, SCPM 2020

Emily Fioramonti

Emily Fioramonti, M1

Executive Officer of Finance, CMS 2020