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The Division of Student Affairs and Inclusion promotes, develops and sustains a diverse and inclusive culture where students, faculty and staff engage in partnerships that enhance the personal, professional and academic success of the university community.

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     3333 Green Bay Road
     North Chicago, IL 60064
     Phone: (847) 578-8354
     Fax:      (847) 775-6528
     Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Meet the Division of Student Affairs and Inclusion Staff

Rebecca L. Durkin
Vice President
Student Affairs,
Diversity and Inclusion
Phone: 847-578-8351


Dena Joy D. Stackhouse
Administrative Assistant
Student Affairs and Inclusion

Phone: 847-578-3205


Academic and Retention Service

Steven P. Weiand
Associate Vice President
Student Affairs
Phone: 847-578-8349


Elizabeth Friedman

Academic Support Specialist
Phone: 847-578-8482


Diversity and Inclusion


Monica Cummings, D.Min.
Director Training &
Educational Programs
Phone: 847-578-3431


Neli Fanning
Director Diversity &
Inclusion Programs

Phone: 847-578-8745


Fred Richardson, Jr., M.D.
Pre-Matriculation Program

Phone: 847-578-8712


Student Housing


Jennifer D. Smith
Student Housing

Phone: 847-578-8350


Mary Lopez
Administrative Assistant
Student Housing and Student Life
Phone: 847-578-8506


Student Life

Shelly Brzycki
Program Director
Student Life

Phone: 847-578-8355

Kelsey Deacon

Fitness and Recreation Specialist
Phone: 847-578-8352

Mary Lopez

Administrative Assistant
Student Life and
Student Housing
Phone: 847-578-8506


Sara Nobbe

Student Life

Phone: 847-578-3207