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Student Counseling Service

Contact Us

Phone: 847-578-8723
Fax: 847-775-6575


Monday through Friday 9:00am-6:00pm by appointment
First Saturdays of the month from 8:00am-12:00pm by appointment


3471 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064

Student Counseling Service is housed within the Rosalind Franklin University Health Clinics-Green Bay Road building. The Rosalind Franklin University Health Clinics-Green Bay Road building which is south of the main campus and directly south of The Woodlands. Turn into the driveway at 3471 Green Bay Road and take the RIGHT fork up over the hill to the parking lot. The main entrance is at the far end of the parking lot. As you walk in the front entrance, you will see a reception desk to your right. Take the elevator just past the reception desk, to the basement of the building (L.L.). Signage will direct you to the Student Counseling Service office and your Student ID will allow you to swipe yourself in to the waiting room area.

About Us

During your experience with Student Counseling Service, we are prepared to assess the nature of your presenting concerns and recommend specific ways to meet your goals. We aim to help you live a happier, healthier and more productive life through bringing awareness and intentionality to your choices. The process we will use is collaborative and focused on solutions to meet your needs.

Students often are juggling multiple and sometimes contradictory roles and demands. For many students this juggling act can, at times, be too much to manage. When you are distressed you are likely not at your maximum learning capacity, which can negatively impact academic performance and goals. We are committed to aiding you in gaining the maximum benefit from your educational experience by supporting optimum well-being and psychological wellness.

Eligibility and Cost

Services at Student Counseling Service are free to Rosalind Franklin University students, provided you are currently enrolled as defined by Student Affairs and Inclusion. DePaul University students who are taking classes at RFUMS as part of the DePaul Alliance may also utilize Student Counseling Service. DePaul students can attend an initial consultation assessment session at no cost; sessions following are $5 per session with a maximum of 20 sessions per time in your program. We are not able to see non-students in any capacity (i.e. couples counseling with a currently enrolled student), but we are able to offer education and referral resources.

What to do in an emergency

We have a walk-in time at 12:00 noon each day to serve students in crisis or needing to be seen on the same day.  If you cannot come at noon, please call 847-578-8723 to arrange a crisis appointment at a time that would work better for you.  In an emergency, you may  walk over to our office.  If we are in session already, please tell the patient services representative upstairs at the front desk that you need to be seen by Student Counseling Service. 

*Please note that anyone currently experiencing intent and plan to engage in suicidal or homicidal action should immediately contact 911 or go to the closest hospital emergency room.

After-Hours Crisis Services

After-hours, weekends, holidays and any day when the Student Counseling Service  is not open students are encouraged to take advantage of one of the following crisis* service options: 

  1. Rosalind Franklin University’s Department of Campus Security at 847-578-3288 (manned 24 hours a day). Security can be reached by dialing 3288 from any campus phone.
  2. National Crisis Hotline at 800-748-2433 or 888-SUICIDE or 800-SUICIDE; For Spanish speaking individuals 877-784-2432 or 877-SUICIDA

*Please note that anyone currently experiencing intent and plan to engage in suicidal or homicidal action should immediately contact 911 or go to the closest hospital emergency room.

Immediate Crisis Intervention

Immediate crisis intervention is needed if you think a student is currently in a life-threatening situation or placing others in a life-threatening situation; for example, a student directly threatening suicidal or homicidal action. Call 911 in these situations. Report your concern, the student’s name (if known), and where the student can be found.

Campus-Wide Crises

Student Counseling Service clinicians are also available for campus-wide crises. Should there be a difficult situation that involves more than one student or system, there are a variety of ways Student Counseling Service may be of assistance. Please call us at 847-578-8723 to make arrangements.