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Both on and off campus Student Housing options provide students with an independent community, but still have the conveniences inherent in any traditional residential program (live-in student community managers, opportunities to build community, organized programs, etc). RFUMS is a premier interprofessional health sciences University, and the interprofessional model is supported and enriched through the Student Housing experience.

Student Housing provides accommodation to students across multiple academic programs. Podiatry students live right next door to Clinical Psychology students. Pharmacy students live next door to Medical students. RFUMS students have the unique opportunity to get to know colleagues throughout the various Colleges/Schools and work to build those interprofessional relationships which are emerging as integral to the health care setting. So, take some time to peruse the pages and get to know the Office of Student Housing. Take a look at the Student Housing Brochure. If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you.