Student Satisfaction Survey


What is your favorite part of being a student at RFUMS?





Themes Percentage Count    



17.6% 136            


Positive People Association
14.6% 113


13.8% 107


9.8% 76


8.5% 66



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“The wide variety of fitness classes offered give me something to look forward to during study breaks”

“I love being a part of such a diverse community not just among people of different background but with people in different health professional fields. I have learned so much about the future of health care but it has also broadened my exposure to different cultures”
“My favorite part about being a student is the amount of extracurricular activities we have, which allows for expression of creativity in an educational world that does not always foster it”

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is committed to providing a student centered campus environment. Every two years we survey our students for feedback to ensure we are providing appropriate resources and services to promote student success and satisfaction on campus.

RFUMS students are overwhelmingly positive about the campus environment. Eight out of ten students would choose RFUMS again if they could.

The findings provided on this website are from the 2015 Student Satisfaction Survey. The results will also show you the change in question responses since our last administration of the survey in 2013. In 2015, 919 students (46%) completed the survey responding to questions related to 87 aspects of our campus environment:

Overall Campus Environment
      o Facilities
      o Safety
Educational Experience
      o Faculty Advisors/Mentors
      o Faculty
      o Quality of Education
      o Interprofessionalism
Academic Resources
      o Library Resources
      o Technology
Student Services
      o Academic and Retention Services
      o Career Services
      o Food Service
      o Student Activities and Engagement
      o Fitness and Recreation
      o Student Counseling
      o Student Health Center
      o Student Financial Services

Results for any of the specific areas above are available by the links to the left under Survey Results.

Our students reported satisfaction in 76 (87%) of the questions surveyed:

      o 97% of our students reported having a comprehensive understanding of interprofessionalism.   
      o 9 out of 10 students reported that student class size is effective for learning.
      o 9 out of 10 students are highly satisfied with our student organizations, activities, and intramural sports programs and
         feel the academic support services on campus meet their needs.

Overwhelmingly (99%), our students’ report feeling safe on campus.

We appreciate our students’ feedback. There were 11 questions that received lower satisfaction. We are already exploring improvements to campus which address many of those concerns and hope to have a full plan to share by March 2016. We appreciate the feedback of our students and use their feedback to continuously improve the student environment on campus. In fact – one of our students said it best on the survey –   There have been great additions for students in the last year and a half that I’ve been here such as the gym, fitness room, and tv room.  Also the new computer lab is very nice and another great spot to study in.  The first time I came to campus was for my interview and I immediately like the campus then.  How I like the campus even more because of all the things that have been changed and added for us students”

                          General Comments/Feedback/Suggestions

To submit your general comments, feedback and/or suggestions for RFUMS student environment, please enter your comments on our feedback form. Responses will be reviewed by Student Affairs and Inclusion. If you would like a reply/response back, please provide your name and contact information. 

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