Introduction to House and Learning Communities Program

The Chicago Medical School (CMS) at Rosalind Franklin University established a House and Learning Community Program to facilitate the development of students in a collaborative cultural context.  The program includes four Houses that link sixteen learning communities across the four years of medical school, connecting students in a network of faculty and fellow students with varying interests and levels of experience.


The House and Learning Community Program seeks to strengthen the medical student experience through dynamic, engaged and relationship-centered communities for curricular and co-curricular learning and development.


The mission of the CMS House and Learning Community Program is to enhance the learning environment and success of medical students through curricular and co-curricular learning and engagement with faculty.  


  • Provide medical students a familiar cohort for the duration of their medical school experience
  • Facilitate the development of trust and collaboration among the medical student body.
  • Support student efforts to adapt to and succeed in the culture of medicine in general and medical education in particular.
  • Provide students with a broad range of resources for learning, advising, support, teamwork, and community engagement.