Interprofessional Education

The Educational goals of the Institute is to identify, develop, manage and evaluate Interprofessional education activities at the University. More specifically to

  • Educate clinical partnersSimulation Education
  • Offer second year interprofessional didactic courses and experiences
  • Provide curriculum and course design services for IP educational activities
  • Develop tools to help faculty incorporate and teach IP competencies in their curricula
  • Integrate the IPEC Interprofessional Core Competencies throughout the each curriculum
  • Establish and manage interprofessional clinical sites
  • Implement strategies to integrate IP activities at all clinical sites
  • Increase faculty participation in IP clinical sessions at the University
  • Ensure RFUMS organizational units, community partners and other constituents (partner health care organizations) are educated about interprofessional education
  • Offer ongoing IP faculty development activities (i.e. provide assistance to faculty member to teach interprofessional concepts)
  • Serve as a national resource for IP education

Team STEPPS - Introduction and Urgency 

Team STEPPS - What are Teams and Composition 

Team STEPPS - Ins and Outs of Teams

Team STEPPS - Team Structure 

Team STEPPS - Team Leadership Skills

Team STEPPS - Mutual Support

Team STEPPS - Situation Monitoring

Team STEPPS - Communication and Summary 

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