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Dr. Susan Tappert to retire 

from the Baldwin Institute in 2015

Dr. Susan Tappert has announced her retirement as Clinical Specialist for the DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education. 

Dr. Tappert is the founding director of the Institute, and has served the University for nearly three decades in various positions of leadership.  Dr. Tappert is a licensed Physical Therapist, and holds a terminal degree as Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She is a Fellow with the National Academies of Practice, and is known and respected internationally for her work in interprofessional education. She has held and continues to hold positions of leadership in organizations dedicated to that work.  She will continue to work in other areas of the University after leaving this position.

Dr. Tappert has been a strong advocate for interprofessionalism as a core value of the University, and led efforts to educate incoming students through the design and delivery of a class currently known as Foundations of Interprofessional Practice. With her guidance, the University formed the Baldwin Institute and began staffing it in 2013, opening new offices in May, 2014.   In July 2014, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science dedicated conference space in the office of the Institute in her name in honor of her work.  

Although her physical absence from the Institute offices will be apparent, her influence on the direction and scope of the work of interprofessionalism and the Institute itself will endure.

Dr. Tappert is pictured here with her husband, Kenneth, in July 2014.

Institute News
RFUMS Students Headed to Atlanta

Four students from the Interprofessional Community Clinic will be heading to Atlanta, GA for a conference with the Society for Student-Run Free Clinics in February 2015.  Laura Seewald, Andrew Yu, Crystal Forman, and Bradley Schifrien will represent the ICC and RFUMS for the first time at this conference, and will be presenting results from their research in a presentation.  The Interprofessional Community Clinic is a free, student-generated and student-run clinic reaching out to underserved, under-insured, or uninsured people in the local communities.  The clinic is staffed by student multidisciplinary teams utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, and supervised by licensed healthcare providers.  The clinic currently operates at capacity one evening a week, is self-governing and self-organized.

Search begins for position of Education Specialist

The DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education  is embarking on its search for its next Education Specialist.  This position will be responsible for the first-year interprofessional experience for all students entering RFUMS.  Additionally, this Specialist will develop other programs, such as subsequent year experiences, faculty development, and clinical supervisor continuing education opportunities.  Given that the Institute strongly emphasizes collaboration and teamwork, the ideal person for this position will have well-developed communication (including public speaking) skills and a solid foundation in adult education theory and application.  The Institute begins seeking candidates for the position in early 2015 with an expectation of starting the work in March of that year.  Requirements for the position as well as a more complete description can be found on the Human Resources pages of the Rosalind Franklin University website.

Baldwin Institute is a Sponsor for CAB-V

The DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science has agreed to be a Gold Level Sponsor for the Collaboration Across Borders V conference to be held in the fall of 2015 in Roanoke, VA.  This international conference is a gathering of scholars, practitioners, students, and others who are interested in interprofessionalism in both education and practice.  The collaborative conference extends across the borders between the United States and Canada and provides a forum for the sharing of results from research, best practices in educational methods, and interprofessional strategies in clinical settings.  The Baldwin Institute is pleased to have the opportunity to provide support for this conference.

Elizabeth Rosiles becomes full-time Program Manager for Global Health within the Institute

Elizabeth Rosiles has assumed the full-time position as Program Manager for the Office of Global Health Initiatives within the Institute.  Ms. Rosiles serves as an invaluable resource to faculty and students preparing to or participating in international partnerships and learning experiences.  Although previously with the Institute on a part-time basis, Ms. Rosiles is now able to dedicate her full efforts to this valuable work.

Institute Library expanding as resource

The Baldwin Institute maintains a library of printed and video resources which are available to University community members on a sign-out basis.  Titles cover issues of relevance to interprofessionalism, healthcare, and education.  New titles are added frequently.

RFUMS and the Baldwin Institute collaborate with the American Physical Therapy Association in recent meeting in Milwaukee

A contingent of RFUMS leadership recently traveled to Milwaukee, WI for a meeting with the American Physical Therapy Association, to introduce students to the concepts of interprofessionalism.  Reaching nearly 300 participants, the team (with strong leadership from Dr. April Newton of the RFUMS Physical Therapy Department and Dr. Susan Tappert of the Baldwin Institute) provided an interactive evening which included opportunities to hear from students about the event and their own experiences with interprofessional practices.   That information is currently being reviewed and analyzed as part of a research project.

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