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July 23, 2014

RFUMS Honors Dr. Susan Tappert as Founding Director
for the DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute of Interprofessional Education

Dr. K. Michael Welch, President and CEO of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, unveils the plaque commemorating Dr. Tappert's fruitful contributions.

The event was a complete surprise to Susan, who is joined in this picture by her husband, Kenneth and by Dr. Welch.  In the background are friends, colleagues, and well-wishers.

Opening remarks were made by K. Michael Welch of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, and those comments were followed by the unveiling and a reception.

Dr. Tappert is pictured here with her husband, Kenneth.

Dr. Timothy Brigham of ACGME speaks at the dedication event about the scholarly contributions of Dr. DeWitt Baldwin.

Institute News

Tamzin Batteson, Research Specialist for the Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education, presented recently at the Chicago Simulation Consortium 12th Annual Conference, held at Loyola University on August 13.  At that event, she discussed a research initiative involving the examination of thinking processes with students that cause them to look at old solutions to new problems, with the intention of developing a teaching androgogy that taps into more creative brain activity.  

"Foundations in Interprofessional Practice" will launch on September 3, 2014 at RFUMS.  This class is required of all first-year students (over 500 of them!) , providing them critical information and a broadened perspective of collaborative teamwork in their chosen professions as a route to improved patient outcomes.  The course was recently redesigned to include basic TeamSTEPPS training as a component.  Originally offered in 2004, the course has grown to include valuable input from faculty across the health professions of our University as well as community members in the form of volunteers who offer their own medical stories to enhance the educational opportunities for class members.  The course director is Reena Antony, MPH, BSN, the Education Specialist for the Institute.

Robert Swanson, Logistics and Administrative Coordinator for the Institute, recently began his course of study in the Clinical Counseling Psychology Graduate Program.  Mr. Swanson will continue to work full-time for the Institute.

Elizabeth Rosiles, Program Manager for the Office of  Global Health Initiatives, returns to our office from an extended leave.  Elizabeth's absence began just as the Global Health and the Institute teams began to formally integrate.  We welcome her back with great anticipation of our work ahead.  We also very gratefully acknowledge the presence and valuable contributions of Lisa Michaluk, who very competently stepped into the void left by Elizabeth.  Lisa's transition into the team was as close to seamless as is possible, and she is an esteemed colleague of members of this team.

In the spirit of interprofessional collaboration and cooperation, the Baldwin Institute team was represented in the recent flurry of activity related to the "Ice Bucket Challenge" as a fund-raiser and awareness-raising event for ALS.  Although dumping iced water over one another doesn't bring us closer to a cure for ALS, the entire effort has positively impacted awareness of the disease and its gross lack of underfunding for research.  Additionally, more money has been donated from this effort than ever in the history of ALS awareness!  By clicking the link below, you can see our photos of a few minutes of fun in the midst of our important work.  Represented are team members Doug Reifler, Tamzin Batteson and Bill Gordon, with a special guest appearance from Steve Florent, who serves as Administrative Director and stand-in representative for the Nurse Anesthesia program!

Ice Bucket Challenge.pdf

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