IP Institute Team



William Gordon, DMin, Associate Director

Bill is a faculty member in the Interprofessional Healthcare Studies department at RFUMS.  His doctoral dissertation engaged a catechetical model to focus on patriarchal structure as a cultural organizer, and he is recognized for his work in interdependent leadership as an alternative to hierarchy.  He has an extensive history in community/organizational development and communication, working in both the for-profit and non-profit venues.  Dr. Gordon is also an author, independent consultant and trainer in these fields. Dr. Gordon joined the University in 2012 and the Institute in 2013.


 Donna Baird, Phd, Education Specialist

Dr. Donna Baird is a faculty member and Education Specialist in the Baldwin Institute.  She obtained her undergraduate and Master's degrees in the Faculty of Nursing in Calgary, Alberta.  Donna has over 26 years of clinical experience in critical care (trauma and CV surgery,) cardiac intensive care, inpatient cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, and general and family medicine.  In her role as the corporate manager for Family Health, she was responsible for the transformation of a biomedically-based primary care model to a fully integrated interprofessional health care team, including the redesign of the facility to facilitate interprofessional practice.  She obtained her PhD in Population and Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary, with a sub-specialization in behavioral/organizational change and interprofessional team philosophies of practice.  Her dissertation research project integrates her expertise in clinical practice with the philosophically grounded intricacies of collaborative interprofessional team enactment.


Robert Swanson, BS, Logistics Specialist

Rob has been working in the healthcare field for over 10 years.  During that time he worked as a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman, an optician (both in the military and private practice), and a work center supervisor.  He performed eye tests, made glasses, sutures, insertions and drainage, bracing, casts, and phlebotomy. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and an Associates of Science in Medical Office Administration.  He started working at the university in June 2007 as a Mail Courier, and was promoted to Distribution Clerk one year later.  In the summer of 2010 Rob accepted an administrative assistant position in the department of Interprofessional Healthcare Studies, which he grew into the Interprofessional Course Coordinator.  At the Institute, Rob coordinates all logistics of the Institute, particularly as related to events and processes.


Tamzin Batteson, BSc, Research Specialist

Tamzin has a background in Psychology and Education and worked on implementing Development Education into second and third level education in the Republic of Ireland. Tamzin’s work is in Cognitive Psychology and her research interests are Metacognition in Education and Phenomenology with specific focus on Visual Mental Imagery and its role within Cognition.



Elizabeth Rosiles, MA, Program Manager for Global Health

Ms. Rosiles earned an Associate in Arts majoring in Elementary Education from the College of Lake County, a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), and a Master's Degree from NEIU. Ms. Rosiles is responsible of daily operation for the Office of Global Health Initiatives, management of education and research activities, and program development to support partnerships, education and research activities.


Scott Rothenberg, BS, Community Engagement Specialist 

Scott grew up here in Lake County and graduated from Mundelein High School.  He went to Western Illinois University, graduating with a BS in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.  He did his graduate work in Political Studies at the University of Illinois, Springfield.  Scott has extensive background working in teams and with the community through his experiences with the Boy Scouts of America (both locally and in Springfield,) political campaigns, and state government.  His responsibilities include providing a program of Service Learning experiences to Rosalind Franklin University students at any point in their academic career.