Living in Lake County

Rosalind Franklin University resides in North Chicago, Illinois which is conveniently located in between two great cities, 40 miles north of Chicago, Illinois and 55 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Lake County, which includes North Chicago, includes both rural and suburban communities, which allows for a wide range of extracurricular activities and lifestyles. The cost of living is comparable to other communities surrounding large cities, but there are many moderately priced areas near the campus where homes, town homes, and apartments can be purchased or rented at reasonable rates. The public schools are good, the crime-rate is low, and quality of life is pleasant. 

Lake County provides great activities all year round. There are many beautiful beaches along the lakes; swimming, sailing, fishing, tennis, and golf are favorites among local residents, and many areas have special paths that are great for cyclists and joggers. Winter sports include ice-skating and cross country skiing. Trains and highways leading to Chicago are numerous; in fact most places in Lake County are less than an hour away from the many exciting cultural and sports activities in Chicago. RFUMS is located near the Metra Union Pacific North Line making trips into the city easy for students. 


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