Master’s in Wound Healing


Cardiff University (Wales) Master's in Wound Healing

This unique study-abroad program has been designed for exceptional students who are interested in pursuing a joint program between Cardiff University and Scholl College. Cardiff is a premier university in Wales and is the only university to offer the MSc. in Tissue Repair and Wound Healing. 

The pursuit of the Cardiff Master’s in Wound Healing typically occurs in the P2-P3 years of training, and includes a combination of didactic and online coursework.  During the two years of study at Cardiff, students are required to complete four weeks of in-classroom study.

All clinical work to support the Master’s thesis is conducted at the Scholl Foot and Ankle Center, under the supervision of CLEAR faculty. The opportunity to earn a Master’s in Wound Healing through this unique program is just one more way that Scholl College continues to supplement the traditional knowledge and practice of a DPM with innovative, relevant training. 


Students interested in the program should contact Dr. Stephanie Wu, DPM, MSc