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Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research (CLEAR)



Our mission is to make measurable improvements in the health and function of the lower extremities by using multidisciplinary approaches to biomedical engineering, clinical & basic sciences, and health services.

CLEAR was founded in 2004 at the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Since then, it has rapidly become one of the most internationally recognized units of its kind in the world. This is evident by the number of international fellows, awards, and speaking invitations received. CLEAR has also become one of the most scientifically recognized units of its kind. This is evident by the number and diversity of publications in top tier journals; abstract presentations; study section, journal and meeting referee activities; and funding from industry and federal agencies. 

Research Focus

Primary areas of interest include diabetic complications of the lower extremity, biomechanics, motor learning & control, wound healing, and surgery. The clinicians and researchers of CLEAR are trained as podiatric clinicians & surgeons, biomedical engineers and kinesiologists. The faculty of CLEAR is world renowned for their work in treating and preventing lower extremity complications associated with diabetes. This work has focused on the prediction and prevention of complications as well as advanced treatment modalities of the complications. CLEAR's health services research approaches include clinical epidemiology, regional variation of health care, and implementation.

CLEAR is also home to the Scholl College Human Performance Lab. The Human Performance Lab was designed as a state of the art facility to better understand how the human body responds to the physical environment. Its researchers are particularly interested in developing innovative tools based on miniaturized body worn sensors to characterize movement changes in response to pathology (e.g., neuropathy, osteoarthritis, balance, pain and movement disorder, etc.).


For information regarding ongoing research trials at CLEAR, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator, Theresa White at 847-578-8456.