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Jeremy Amiel Rosenkranz

Jeremy Amiel Rosenkranz, PhD, MS

Director, Brain Science Institute

Our mission is to identify and solve fundamental aspects of brain function and development and to use these discoveries to understand the mechanisms of brain diseases. These insights will be used to develop new research tools, novel therapeutics to treat brain diseases, and diagnostics (including biomarkers) to detect early onset of these diseases. The Brain Science Institute (BSI) will actively seek collaboration with other national and international institutions in this field and industry. Included in this mission is a commitment to training the next generation of neuroscience researchers.

The BSI will achieve these goals by:

  • creating a forum for sharing discoveries and ideas
  • supporting initiatives that transfer research findings into the world of patient care
  • encouraging the formation of interdisciplinary teams between neuroscience and other areas 
  • supporting scientist and clinician researcher efforts to launch promising new investigations
  • funding projects that put innovations into the hands of users through commercialization
  • hosting external experts to explore other perspectives and to stimulate new ideas and approaches.