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Education, Prevention and Training

In compliance with the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act (110 ILCS 155) and Illinois State Officials and Employee Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430), prevention and awareness programming and/or training will be provided to all members of the university community both in written format and through active means appropriate to the status of the participants.

Annual mandatory training will be available during assigned dates for students and employees.

For more information on the education and prevention opportunities, visit us on InSite for upcoming programming. Or contact:

Heather Kind-Keppel, EdD
Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Health Science Building, L.675

Title IX Team Training

Below you will find links to Title IX Team training materials and a listing of some of the trainings the team has completed.

  • ATIXA Requirements
  • Title IX Advisor Training
  • Title IX Resolution Officer Training
  • Training Title IX Investigators
  • Title IX Decision Maker Training
  • Time with IX: Title IX & DEI – The Intersection of Our Work Amidst Pending Regulations 2023
  • NPRiMer: Preparing for the 2023 Title IX Regulations for Higher Education Overview + Implementation, Nuances & Best Practices
  • Annual Conference 2022
  • Title IX Coordinator & Administrator Level Three Certification
  • DEI Practitioner One
  • Hospital Title IX Coordinator Certification
  • Title IX Hearing Officer and Decision Maker Certification
  • Civil Rights Investigator Level One Certification
  • DEI Practitioner One
  • Civil Rights Investigator Level Two Certification
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Level One Certification
  • Civil Rights Investigator Level Four Certification
  • Annual Conference
  • OCR Title IX Regulations Certification
  • Appeals Decision Maker 
  • Title IX Hearing Chairs Training
  • Gender Identity on Campus Workshop Course Materials
  • Clery/Title IX overlap and reporting requirements 
  • Title IX Investigator Resources
  • ATIXA Investigation Plan
  • Assessment, Synthesis, Credibility, and Recommended Findings
  • TIX Investigator Flow Chart
  • Proposed Title IX Regulations for Trans Student Athletes: Explore with the Experts

For more information on training, please contact:

Allena Barbato, JD LMFT
Director of Title IX Compliance and Equity Officer