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The Office of Partnerships

At Rosalind Franklin University (RFU), partnerships are where everything comes together. Healthcare providers, administrators, students, educators, researchers, and our communities join forces to serve and be served through strategic partnerships that create a more supported healthcare ecosystem.

As a national leader in interprofessional health sciences education, we prepare the workforce of tomorrow by blending collaboration and teamwork throughout our students’ educational experiences. With more than 30 graduate health professions programs, RFU enjoys many opportunities to do just that. Our students have a deep understanding of what it is to serve on a team, to lead a team, and to be led within a team. They understand how to rise to the occasion without ego, putting the patient at the center in all they do. This progressive educational training model ultimately yields benefits for our clinical partners in enhanced patient satisfaction, quality patient outcomes, and employee job satisfaction.

Our clinical partners, in Illinois and across the country, provide an opportunity for our students to learn from leaders in the field in a variety of healthcare settings. These could be located in rural, suburban or urban settings. They could be online telehealth providers or outpatient community clinics. And because we understand what healthcare looks like to today's patient, our clinical partners realize the benefit of a sustainable workforce pipeline, prepared for the practice of the future. 

Our clinical partners are heavily invested in the healthcare systems and communities they serve, and they gain value from a partnership with RFU that is custom-designed to help us achieve shared objectives.

What are your objectives? What are your needs? We look forward to exploring the possibilities.