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Training and Educational Programs

Training and educational programs are developed to meet the needs of the Rosalind Franklin University community and to foster a campus environment where everyone feels valued, validated, and respected, regardless: of ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Examples of diversity training and educational programs include:

  • Community Conversations set the stage for open and candid dialogue on issues and events that affect the RFU community and the nation at large.
  • Guest speakers such as Dr. Derald W. Sue, author and expert on micoaggressions, and Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings, psychologist, research scientist and expert on cultural differences in healthcare beliefs.  
  • Getting Off Automatic, a university-wide diversity training that addresses stereotypes, provides tools for self-assessment, and lays the foundation for more in-depth training such as Culture and Identity Development and the Invisible Knapsack. 
  • Common Read series that featured the book “Witnessing Whiteness” and the White Paper “Recommendations for Enhancing the Climate for LGBT Students and Employees in Health Professional Schools.”