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A message about our purpose-driven mission.

Seventy-five years ago, Rosalind Franklin defended her devotion to science and her decision to stay at Cambridge University despite the great war that was storming through Europe and the bombs that were raining down on London.

Science, Dr. Franklin insisted, cannot and should not be separated from everyday life. Whether in war or peace, plenty or privation, despite the endless cycle of challenges and disruptions, the highest aim of science and the measure of its success is the unceasing improvement of the lot of humankind. 

Rosalind Franklin’s namesake university continues its own march forward, working to better educate, develop and support the healthcare workforce of the future. We continuously strive to improve the state of our union, aim higher, learn more, drill into data to better accomplish our core mission — the interprofessional education of health and biomedical professionals and the discovery of knowledge dedicated to improving human health.

Our mission is undergirded in great measure by the hard work, generosity and support of those who believe in it. Every investment we make in the science and technology of medicine, the art of healing and the art of teaching, is an investment in the future professionals who will use those great gifts to improve the health of their fellow human beings.

This work cannot be accomplished in the isolation of personal concerns, but in the deeply human interconnection of people, science and everyday life. Grounded in this foundation for a life lived in discovery, our students and alumni can practice and explore, adapt and reach to meet the ever-shifting demands for innovation in treatment, prevention and healthcare delivery.

The direct correlation between the success of our mission and the improvement of health outcomes across our communities, the nation and the world has never been clearer at Rosalind Franklin University. We know and understand that the better we build interprofessional healthcare teams, measure our progress and continuously refine the means to our mission, the better we can put our students first, front and center. 

Our students — past, present and future — who, like Dr. Franklin, courageously lead the charge into new frontiers of science and health, are the truest measure of our success.

K. Michael Welch, MB ChB, FRCP
President and CEO