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Nutrition programs through the Chicago Medical School are designed to enable our students to gain a competitive edge for positions in administration, clinical dietetics (for RDNs only), nutrition education, healthcare professional training programs, the food and wellness industries, and research. Each program offers the flexibility to fit your life — allowing you up to 5 years from the date of enrollment into the program to complete all degree requirements.

Graduate Programs in Nutrition At RFU — A Sound Choice

  • Fast-track completion of graduate degree in 2 years — flexible completion within 5 years
  • Innovative curriculum in alignment with changes in health care and a focus on wellness
  • Innovative teaching strategies that assist students with their development as healthcare professionals and leaders in health care
  • Ongoing individualized guidance and counseling to help students meet their educational goals
  • Networking opportunities nationwide
  • Prepare to lead in a dynamic field, with projected increases of more than 20 percent in job opportunities in nutrition and wellness over the next decade