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How to Apply

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  1. Review the Application Requirements
  2. Submit an Application & Fee
    • Early application is strongly encouraged.
    • Applicants who have applied to either the Allopathic Medicine or Physician Assistant program during the current application cycle, but wish to matriculate to the BMS program, should contact or the Office of Admissions and Enrollment by phone at 847-578-3204.
    • All other applicants should apply through RFUCAS.
    • Applications are also accepted through PostbacCAS.
    • Submit your application June 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Submit all application materials by July 31, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  3. Submit Official Transcripts
    • Please submit transcripts from all universities and colleges attended to RFUCAS.
    • Only official transcripts will be accepted.
    • If you have studied outside the US, you will need to have your transcripts evaluated for US equivalency using a service like or If you studied outside the US as part of a study abroad program through a US college or university, you do not need to provide a foreign evaluation of transcripts unless your home institution did not post the study abroad grades on your transcript.
  4. Submit Letters of Recommendation
    • We require three letters of recommendation written by either professors who have taught you in class or a supervisor under whom you have worked.
    • Composite letters from a pre-professional committee may be submitted in place of the three individual letters.
    • Letters of recommendation must be directly submitted through RFUCAS by the recommenders or by a university representative in the case where a committee letter is used.
  5. Submit Standardized Test Scores
    • Select the exam that is most appropriate for your “Career Interest”.
    • Refer to our Application Requirements for instructions on submitting your exam results.
    • BMS accepts the MCATGRE, DAT, or PCAT.
      • MCAT: Applicants who indicate their “Career Interest” as “Allopathic Medicine” or “Osteopathic Medicine” must achieve a minimum MCAT score of 496 to be considered for admission to the BMS program. If your career interest is in a field other than allopathic or osteopathic medicine, we encourage you to email us at to find out if your MCAT score is competitive.
      • GRE: GRE results with all section scores (Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical Writing) in the 50th percentile or higher are considered competitive, regardless of your “Career Interest”.
      • DAT: Applicants with a “Career Interest” of “Dentist” must achieve a DAT Total Science score of 18 or higher to be considered for admission to the BMS program.
    • Test scores must be received by no later than August 1.
  6. Classification of Coursework
    • We require that you complete Full Transcript Entry in RFUCAS. Please identify the courses you believe meet our prerequisites during the transcript entry process. If any of the required courses have not yet been completed, please indicate the date that the course will be completed in the "Grade" section.
  7. Personal Statement
    • Applicants are required to upload a personal statement with their application. The personal statement should address the candidate’s goals and motivation for advancing their education and career in the health sciences and why the candidate believes the BMS program at Rosalind Franklin University will support the candidate in achieving these goals.
  8. Healthcare Experience
    • We require that you complete the experiences section in RFUCAS. Please report all your healthcare experience, both paid and unpaid. Be sure to calculate the number of hours completed at each site and describe the type of experience.
  9. Service Experience
    • If relevant, be sure to report any volunteer/service experience in the experiences section in RFUCAS.
  10. Research Experience
  11. Background Check
    • Prior to enrollment, all accepted students will be asked to complete and pass a Rosalind Franklin University background check.
  12. Technical Standards

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For any questions relating to how to apply, contact us.