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Common Questions

Does Rosalind Franklin University have a preference for Illinois residents?
No. We do not have an in-state preference. Because we are a private institution, we do not take applicants’ state of residence into consideration when making acceptance offers. We are looking for the best and brightest applicants, regardless of their state of residence.

When does the program start?
Classes begin in late May.

Can I apply Early Decision?
Yes - Early Decision (ED) is a binding option for applicants who wish to secure acceptance to one PTCAS program by September 25. Applicants are allowed to apply to additional schools only if not accepted following the ED period. All PTCAS and RFU application requirements must be met by August 15.

What is the graduation rate?
For the class graduating in 2018, the graduation rate was 100%.

What is the employment rate for graduates?
100% of our PT graduates who passed the licensure exam and sought employment had jobs as practicing Physical Therapists.

How does licensure work?
After graduation, you must sit for a licensure exam for the state in which you plan to practice. RFU graduates from the Class of 2018 attained a first time pass rate of 94% and an ultimate pass rate of 100%.

Can I transfer into the program?
The College of Health Professions does not accept transfer students.

Does Rosalind Franklin University accept International Students?
Yes. If you completed coursework outside of the US, you must have a course-by-course evaluation completed by This evaluation should be sent directly to PTCAS.

A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is also required if English is not your native language. Official results of the exam should be sent directly to the PTCAS from Educational Testing Service (ETS). This requirement is waived if you have attended a minimum of two consecutive years of college study or higher in the United States or if applicant is a permanent US resident

How can I get in touch with the Admissions Office?
Email us:
Call us: 847-578-3204
Our address:
Rosalind Franklin University
Office of Admissions and Enrollment
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064