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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Carlos Xaiver Moreno

Dr. Xavier Moreno is the Owner of Xact Anesthesia, which holds a patent for determining the depth at which a line or catheter has been inserted. The Xact Counter can be used on vascular access devices such as PICC lines and central lines to know exactly how deep the line has been passed. Similarly, it can be used on epidural catheters to accurately determine the depth to the epidural space. (Xact Anesthesia Customer Flyer)

Since graduating from RFU in 2011, Xavier obtained his doctorate in Anesthesia Practice from the University of Michigan-Flint. He is a nationally recognized speaker on regional anesthesia topics, and is a frequent guest of the RFU program to assist with regional workshops and lectures.

Dr. Carlos Xavier Moreno, DrAP, CRNA, Xavier has been a highly passionate healthcare provider since 1993, after enlisting in the US Military. He credits his passion and “esprit de corps” for leadership, evidence-based medicine, and thirst for knowledge from his military service. Early in his military career, Xavier was recognized at the highest levels with leadership awards and multiple meritorious promotions for his commitment to excellence in healthcare. During and after his military commitment, Xavier pursed degrees in Education and Nursing. Throughout his military career, he was selected to be an instructor in nearly every trauma course available (Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Life Support, Fundamentals of Critical Care Support, CPR, and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support). Experiences in healthcare led him to obtain multiple advanced degrees and national certifications in critical care nursing (CCRN: Critical Care National Certification, Cardiac Medicine Certification, Cardiac Surgery Certification, Fundamentals of Critical Care Support).

After becoming a nationally certified critical care nurse, Xavier attended Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for Nurse Anesthesia. Xavier was selected by his peers to be the Class President and then upon graduation received the “Agatha Hodgins Award Winner, Outstanding Nurse Anesthesia Student”. Since becoming a CRNA, Xavier has become very involved in Nurse Anesthesia education by providing various lectures to Universities, Hospitals, Anesthesia Associations, and precepting students at clinical sites. Dr. Moreno is a recognized expert in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia and was the primary investigator in various studies regarding peripheral nerve blocks and education, leading to a Doctor of Anesthesia Practice Degree (DrAP) from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Dr. Moreno has held various roles since graduating from RFUMS. As a Chief CRNA, Xavier has led various evidence-based regional anesthesia programs for hospitals, assisted in the creation of a Surgical Center, and implemented development plans for staff and students to enhance their careers. Further, Xavier is also an inventor and entrepreneur and very passionate about patient outcomes. So much so, in an effort to increase patient safety and satisfaction, Dr. Moreno created a patent pending medical device to improve epidural safety, the “Xact Counter”. The “Xact Counter” assists with proper insertion of epidural catheters during labor analgesia. Currently, Dr. Moreno is the Pain Clinic Director and Staff CRNA at CGH Medical Center in Sterling Illinois.