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Current Clinical Sites

DNP Program Clinical Site Interactive Map

Current clinical sites, sites are subject to change at anytime based on a multiple of factors. 

DNP Program Clinical Site Spotlight

The Nurse Anesthesia program would like to shine a spotlight on Advocate-Aurora Christ Medical Center. Christ is a Level One trauma center in Oak Lawn, IL. The anesthesia practice has been training SRNAs for several years, but has only recently starting training SRNAs from Rosalind Franklin. The anesthesia staff at this facility has been a key clinical partner in the training of nurse anesthesia residents since we became affiliated in February of 2018. In March, when the entire Chicago area was hit by COVID-related training restrictions, Christ continued to train our senior residents and provided them with access to the cases they needed for graduation. Once the wave of COVID subsided, Christ embraced a full complement of junior and senior nurse anesthesia residents, put their heads down, and started working on the backlog of elective surgery cases. Christ is an important site for our residents to train in specialized cases related to pediatrics, open heart surgery, and neurosurgery. Nurse anesthesia residents also take call with attending anesthesiologists and respond to code blue pages throughout the hospital.

Thank you to the CRNAs and Anesthesiologists at Christ Medical Center for providing unparalleled opportunities for nurse anesthesia trainees. We value our partnership!