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Simulation in Nurse Anesthesia

The RFU nurse anesthesia program is committed to the use of simulation to foster rich learning experiences and critical decision making skills. At the Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare at Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital, expert faculty and state-of-the-art equipment provide students with a wide range of learning opportunities. Student's begin the first of three courses in simulation and correlation activities focusing on anesthesia specific psychomotor skills. These skills are not limited to but include: performing an anesthesia machine check, intubation, arterial and central line placement, spinal and epidural placement, and how to perform a general induction in the operating room. Beginning in quarter two and extending through quarter three, students will have the opportunity to participate in high-fidelity simulation scenarios in our two, fully functioning operating room (OR) suites. These suites are equipped with all the anesthesia equipment you would find in a traditional OR, and provide faculty with the option for video recording and streaming to provide additional learning opportunities. The emphasis on simulation as a focus in the curriculum continues as we strive to promote the successful transition of each student from didactic to the clinical setting.