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Andrea Beaumont, MS

Andrea Beaumont, MS

Andrea Beaumont is a faculty advisor for the Biomedical Sciences Program. She enjoys supporting students who are passionate about medicine and who are appreciative of the opportunity to demonstrate their fit for a career in health care. Andrea leads the admissions process for BMS students as well as supports students while in the program, embracing a holistic advising approach.

Previously, Andrea worked for nearly twenty years in various roles in higher education at a variety of types of institutions from a small, private college to mid-size, Jesuit universities to a large, public university. She began her career in California, where she is originally from. More recently, she worked for nearly ten years in Pre-Health Advising at the undergraduate level. Andrea has worked at a Hispanic-serving institution and with a TRIO Student Support Services program, both of which deepened her understanding of the experiences of students who are the first in their families to attend college and who come from diverse backgrounds.

Andrea completed her BS in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and her MS in Counseling Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles.