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Ateequr Rahman, PhD, MBA

Ateequr Rahman, PhD, MBA

Dr. Ateequr Rahman earned his PhD in Pharmacy Administration with a focus on Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes research from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Earlier he obtained his MBA with focus in Health Economics from the Northeast Louisiana University. His research areas include Assessment of Electronic and Personal Health Records, Interventions in Rural and Health disparity populations, health-related quality of life, health preference and utility, patient satisfaction and symptom assessment studies. He has co-received over $2.3 millions in Federal and Private grants. He has served as Principal Investigator for the Department of Defense grant and co-investigator on multiple Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) studies. He has taught several courses in the Schools of pharmacy for the past 20 years. He is a registered Pharmacist and actively involved in the practice of pharmacy.

Dr. Rahman sits on the editorial board, and serves as a reviewer for several journals and meetings in the area of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes research. He has presented his research findings in various national and international conferences and published in peer-reviewed Journals.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Health Care Systems
  • Research and Statistics
  • End of life and Spirituality in Healthcare
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Advanced Pharmacoeconomics
  • Epidemiology


Selected Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Lejla Cukovic, Elizabeth Sutherland, Sandi Sein, Damaris Fuentes, Huma Fatima, Anwar Oshana and Ateequr Rahman *. An evaluation of outpatient pediatric asthma prescribing patterns in the United States. International Journal of Science and Research Archive, 2023, 09(01), 344–349. DOI: .
  2. Ateequr Rahman *, Maikha Toutche, Druti Shukla, Liam Herrebout, Aya Alwan, Jessica Schwartzwald, Elizabeth Sutherland and Lejla Cukovic. Health care disparities in emergency department visits for mental health disorders. World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 2023, 18(02), 408–414; DOI url:
  3. Ateequr Rahman, Kirstin Krzyzewski, Neishka Ramirez Corchado, and Lejla Cukovic. Assessment of National Trauma Trends for Motor Vehicle Accidents. J Med - Clin Res & Rev. 2023; 7(5): 1-4.
  4. Rahman A, Yanni M, Cukovic L, Herrebout L, Krzyzewski K, Sahakian Y. Trends of emergency department visits for gunshot victims in the United States. Journal of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, 2022 (online first). doi: 10.21037/jeccm-21-114
  5. Sahakian, Y. and Rahman, A. 2022. Attitudes of Pharmacy Students Toward Bearing a Gun on Campus. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics. Vol. 19, 1 (Feb. 2022). DOI: .
  6. Rahman A, Walia N, Sahakian Y, Cukovic L, Khaliq T. Pharmacy students’ Attitude Towards Opioid Epidemic and Overdose Management. World Journal of Biology Pharmacy and Health Sciences. 2022;09(03):006–012. doi: 10.30574/wjbphs.2022.9.3.0045.
  7. Khyati Patel, Danielle Candelario, Ateequr Rahman, Melissa Chen.Impact of an Additional Immunizing Pharmacist at an Interprofessional Student-led Clinic for the Underserved. Journal of Student Run Clinics 2022;8;1:1-6