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Daven E. Morrison, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

David “Daven” E. Morrison III, MD, is a psychiatrist whose practice concentrates on leadership and executive functioning. The focus of his work is to deepen the capacity of senior executives to be self-aware. With a refined process of individual and senior management team consultation, he has worked successfully with many industries and within multiple levels of management and management structures. 

With his extensive experience working with senior executives, Dr. Morrison was recruited to be a subject matter expert for the Institute for Fraud Prevention in 2008.  Along with two colleagues, he has written a paper:  Bringing Freud to Fraud, which will be published in the JFIA. He has presented his ideas on the motivations of those who commit fraud in the executive ranks for international conferences on Organizational Psychiatry, as well as emotions and motivation.

The paper has become a book and he is a co-author of The A.B.C.s of Behavioral Forensics, Understanding the Psychology of Financial Fraud (Wiley), and CAREERS: A Brainwise Guide to Managing Your Career (an eBook found on Amazon).

Morrison Associates, Ltd. has been working with financial service firms such as banks, accounting firms, insurance companies and private equity groups since 1976. The organization has assessed more than 1,500 leaders. The Morrison Team has consulted to Abbott, Accenture, Amoco, Ashta Chemical, AT&T, Arthur Andersen, Bank of America, Baker‐Hughes, BP, CF Industries, Chicago Tribune, Continental Bank, Conseco, Elizabeth Arden, Exxon, Food Lion, Hospira, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Johnson & Higgens, Loyola University Medical Center, Motorola, Nabisco, Northern Trust, Schneider International, Unilever, Wachovia, The Williams Companies, and others. Concepts and experiences with these organizations resulted in the creation of a variety of educational programs. The work at Morrison Associates has led to research assessing success in leaders, accounting partners who put the firm at risk, and measuring transformation in leadership programs.

Dr. Morrison is a board‐certified psychiatrist and an active member of the following professional groups: Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry (AOOP); the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP)–Committee on Work & Organizations; the Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP); and the Tomkins Institute of Applied Studies of Motivation, Emotion and Cognition. He has been working in psychiatry and organizational psychiatry for more than twenty years.