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Ghaith Shaaya, MD

Ghaith Shaaya, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Ghaith Shaaya graduated from Baghdad University College of Medicine with the degree of M.B., Ch.B. After he was certified by the Iraqi Board in Internal Medicine (FICMS.), he worked as an Internal Medicine Physician in west Iraq and was a lecturer in Internal Medicine Department at Al Anbar University College of Medicine. He also worked as an Internal Medicine Physician in Jordan, both at Zarqa Hospital and Prince Hamza Hospital in Amman, where he cared for patients in the medical floor and the outpatient department. Dr. Shaaya also supervised Jordanian medical residents at these hospitals.

After being certified by the American Board in Internal Medicine, Dr. Shaaya started working as an Attending Hospitalist at Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC), caring for and treating patients on the general medical floor. At the same time, he worked in different projects aimed at improving patient care and resident education.

Dr. Shaaya supervises CMS internal medical residents at the FHCC, providing them with teaching sessions during medical rounds, supervising their morning reports that include educational materials, grading their performance at the end of rotation, and mentoring them. He also supervises second-year medical students during their rotations at the FHCC, giving them clinical sessions in the medical floor and evaluating their performance.


Dr. Shaaya has contributed to the following American College of Physicians (ACP) poster publications:

  • “Pancreas divisum, an under recognized cause of recurrent pancreatitis”
  • “Anaphylactic shock following an intra-articular methylprednisolone injection”
  • “Toxic Epidermal necrolysis secondary to nitrofurantoin use”