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Pamela Chambers, DNP, EJD, MSN, CRNA

Pamela  Chambers, DNP, EJD, MSN, CRNA
Assistant Professor

Pamela Chambers has been a CRNA since 2000. She received her Masters degree in Nurse Anesthesia while on active duty in the US Army Nurse Corps. After leaving the military as a Major in the Army, she attended law school earning an executive Juris Doctorate degree with a concentration in Health Law.

Dr. Chambers has been an expert consultant in Health Law, perioperative nursing and anesthesia matters since 2008. She has practiced anesthesia solo and in group practices nationwide and overseas both in the military and as a volunteer. Dr. Chambers brings her wealth of experience as a professional negligence expert consultant to her posts as course director for the Nurse Anesthesia quality and outcomes courses as well as the legal matters in professional practice courses.

Dr. Chambers has served two terms on the Board of Directors of the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists. Additionally, she has served on professional practice panels contributing to the SEE exam, the NCE exam, national professional certification bodies, as well as public speaking and publications in matters of professional practice.

DNP capstone: Implementation of a Quality Measures Trigger Tool in a Private Practice Anesthesia Workgroup