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Completed Application

  • A completed application with application fee is required.

Degree and Curricular Requirements

  • Prior to matriculation, applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree.
  • Students must have completed at least 90 hours of undergraduate academic work at an accredited college or university prior to applying.
    Prerequisite Courses:
    • One year Introductory Biology with accompanying laboratory or equivalent
    • One year Physics with accompanying laboratory
    • Two-year Chemistry sequence that includes all three of these chemistry disciplines
    • General/Inorganic Chemistry with accompanying laboratory
    • Organic Chemistry with accompanying laboratory
    • Biochemistry (accompanying laboratory recommended but not required)
    • Two courses in Behavioral/Social Sciences - First-year Psychology and Sociology courses strongly suggested

    Recommended Courses:
    • One course in Statistics
    • One course in Advanced Biology (200 level or above) - Molecular and Cell Biology, Physiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Neurobiology
    • English composition
    • Other coursework in the Humanities and Social Sciences

      AP Credit Policy
      AP Science or Social Science courses for which you received course credit at your undergraduate degree-awarding institution will be considered as fulfilling the pre-medical course requirements. However, the admissions committee will expect advanced-level undergraduate courses in most of the science or social science disciplines for which the AP credit was awarded (except Physics).

Test Scores

  • MCAT - All applicants are required to submit MCAT scores. For the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, only scores from January 2021 or more recently will be considered. Official exam results must be provided by the application deadline.
  • It is recommended but not required that candidates complete the AAMC PREview exam. Information about the AAMC PREview exam, including preparation materials, test registration, requests for accommodations, and important dates and deadlines is available here:

Letters of Recommendation

  • Three letters of recommendation are required.
  • At least one letter needs to be from a primary research mentor.
  • At least one letter is recommended from a healthcare professional (not necessarily a MD) with whom you have worked.
  • The remaining letter can be from a person who knows you well or a committee letter.

Official Transcripts

  • Must be submitted from all colleges or universities you have attended.
  • Transcripts from international schools (with the exception of Canadian schools) must first be evaluated by a credentialing service and sent directly to RFUCAS. We accept evaluations from World Evaluation Service (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).

Research Experience

Applicants should have experience in the fields of research, as evidenced in part through the required personal statement and individual interviews, as well as any other supporting documentation.

Motivation for a Career in Medicine

We look for students who understand healthcare teams and the role of a physician on the team. This is typically demonstrated through prior employment and volunteer work.

Service Orientation

We value and look for students who demonstrate a caring attitude and are dedicated to serving others.

Communication Skills

We look for students who possess strong interpersonal communication skills.

Personal Interviews

Upon completion of a holistic review, selected students will be invited to campus for an interview as a part of the application to the M.S. degree component of the Pathway.

Background Check

Background checks of applicants offered admission will be initiated and reviewed by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Technical Standards


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