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Find A Roommate

Looking to share an apartment with a roommate? We offer the option to request a 2 bedroom apartment with an assigned roommate at The Woodlands on Green Bay, and will match you with another student who most closely matches your roommate preferences. You may also find your own roommate and list them on your application. The Housing Forum is a great place to look for the right roommate match.  

Your Rosalind Franklin class FaceBook page will be another venue for students to match with a roommate.  The class of each academic program has a facebook page and is another resource for matching with a roommate.  Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have not been invited to the FaceBook page for your graduating class. 

The complete list of the benefits of having a roommate is much too long to list in its entirety, but a small sample of some of the major advantages include:

  • Sharing the cost of utilities, cable TV, cleaning supplies, groceries, home furnishings and decor, house hold staples, take out and delivery charges, subscriptions, renters insurance, and entertainment.  The Budget Calculator can really show you the financial benefit of a roommate. 
  • The standard amount of Financial Aid disbursed for Housing Expenses is actually based on sharing a two bedroom apartment with a roommate.  
  • Carpooling
  • Reduce food waste
  • Increased security
  • Letting you in if you locked your self out
  • Help you study
  • Help in the event of a medical or other emergency
  • Share recipes
  • Discover new music, movies, books, and web content