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What You Need To Know

Faculty, staff and students must be vaccinated and have documented proof of vaccination or exemption approved by HR or Student Affairs.

COVID-19 Exposure Protocols

In keeping with updated CDC guidance, any vaccinated individual who tests positive for COVID must isolate for five days. If they are then asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving — including an absence of fever for 24 hours without medication — they must wear a mask around anyone they encounter for an additional five days. Unvaccinated individuals must isolate for 10 days and observe the same protocol following resolution of symptoms.

Any student, faculty or staff member who has COVID-19 or who has an increased health risk by being exposed to it due to an underlying medical condition or is living with someone with increased risk may request an accommodation. 

  • Students should request academic accommodation via the academic accommodation procedures. 
  • Faculty and staff members should contact Human Resources to request an accommodation.

Travel Policy

All students, faculty and staff must follow RFU's Travel Guidelines for university-sponsored (i.e., using university funds or university time) travel and for international personal travel.

Approved university-sponsored travel is permitted for domestic travel. University-sponsored travel for international travel is prohibited unless approved according to the Protocol for Exceptions to the RFU Travel Policy. Please refer to the Protocol for Exceptions to the RFU Travel Policy.