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Psychology Research

Clinical Science, Psychopathology, and Neuroscience Research

  • Research on the role of stigma-related stress in the development and maintenance of mental and behavioral health problems among sexual and gender minority populations across the lifespan. (Brian A. Feinstein, PhD)
  • Research focused on the intersection of clinical neuropsychology with social and racial justice, including race-related stress, as well as systemic inequity impacting social and health outcomes. Also interested in cognitive rehabilitation. (Rachael Ellison, PhD).
  • Elucidation of the nature and extent of neurocognitive deficits across psychotic disorders, biomarkers of psychosis, and the unique and shared genetic liability among psychotic disorders. (Scot Hill, PhD)
  • Exploration of the affective, cognitive, interpersonal, and neural mechanisms that underlie the development of psychopathy and its association with substance abuse and antisocial and violent behaviors. (David Kosson, PhD)
  • Research focused on personality and emotion and spans emotional phenomena ranging from the normal experiences of emotion to emotional regulation difficulties and anxiety disorders. Also interested in statistical and methodological issues in research. (Steven Miller, PhD)
  • Investigate the role of and the interplay between genetic, environmental (e.g. trauma), and psychological (e.g. personality traits) factors in the etiology of mental health conditions across the lifespan. (Monika Waszczuk, PhD)

Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

  • Research into youth and family adjustment in the context of pediatric chronic illness, with a particular interest in medication adherence and disease self-management. (Rachel Greenley PhD)
  • Research utilizing a translational science approach to understand the impact of tobacco products and characteristics on dependence and health outcomes to improve clinical treatment, public health, and regulatory policies. (Nancy C. Jao, PhD)
  • Understanding the factors that influence physical activity participation and diet among overweight populations, with the goal of designing and testing novel health behavior change interventions. (Kristin Schneider, PhD)
  • Understanding the impact of health and illness on intimate relationships and the converse impact of intimate relationships on health/illness functioning (Tamara Sher, PhD ).