Advanced Graduate Courses

GBCH 600A & B Biochemical Pathways (7 credits)
Course Director Dr. Marc Glucksman
The fundamental chemical properties and biological reactions of the various compounds important to the normally functioning human organism are studied. As far as possible, mechanisms of life processes at the cellular and molecular level are explained in terms of these properties.

GBCH 543 Enzyme Structure and Mechanism (3 credits)
Course Directors Drs. Jun Yong Choe and Min Lu
This is a course of lectures, student presentations, and seminars by outside speakers on aspects of enzymology. The following subjects are covered: protein sequence methodology, X-ray crystallography, computer graphic modeling, chemical and enzyme kinetics including regulatory kinetics, enzyme mechanisms, chemical modification of enzymes, and site-directed mutagenesis. Offered every other year, alternating with GBCH 544. Prerequisite: GBCH600A.

GBCH 544 Physical Biochemistry (3 credits)
Course Directors Drs. Kyoung Joon Oh and Carl Correll
This course deals with the physical chemical properties of biological macromolecules and the techniques used for their characterization. Molecular weight, hydrodynamic properties, and spectroscopic properties of proteins and nucleic acids; secondary structure, tertiary structure, and conformational changes of proteins; dynamics of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions; and kinetics and thermodynamics of protein folding. Offered every other year, alternating with GBCH 543. Prerequisite: GBCH600A.

GBCH 530 Master's Thesis in Biochemistry (1 to 12 credits)
Hours and and units of credit to be arranged. Can be repeated for credit.

GBCH 599 Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Research Activities in Biochemistry (1 to 12 credits)
All quarters. Hours and unit of credit to be arranged.

GBCH 699 Post-Candidacy Doctoral Research Activities in Biochemistry (1 to 12 credits)
All quarters. Hours and unit of credit to be arranged.

GBCH 532 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Journal Club (1 credit)
Course Director Dr. Carl Correll
Presentations on current literature or personal research by faculty, staff and students. Fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters, one hour per week; can be repeated for credit.

GBCH 533 Biochemistry Seminar (1 credit)
Course Director Dr. Carl Correll
Presentations on current research by invited speakers. Fall, winter and spring quarters, one hour per week, can be repeated for credit.