Medical School Courses

MBCH 505A, B & C Medical Biochemistry (6 credits)
Course Director Dr. Marc Glucksman
The fundamental chemical properties and biological reactions of important compounds in the normally functioning human organism are studied. Emphasis is placed on the regulation and integration of metabolic processes. The course makes use of both lectures and conferences. This course utilizes the self-teaching program to provide the students with an initial foundation of knowledge.

MBCH 502 Clinical Molecular Cell Biology (5 credits)
Course Director Dr. Adrian Gross
In this course, the molecular and cellular processes common to all eukaryotic cells are studied and, where appropriate, comparisons to prokaryotic cells are made. Nucleic acid and protein structure and function, gene expression, and cell cycle regulation are examined. A unique aspect of the course is a self-teaching program that covers certain facts and concepts basic to biochemistry; this is an individual, self-learning, self-evaluation program.

MBCH 616 Crystallization of Membrane Pro Medical Biochemistry (3 credits)
Research with Drs. Choe, Kaplan or Lu

MBCH 630 Protein Structure and Mechanism (3 credits)
Course Directors Drs. Choe and Lu
This is a course of lectures, student presentations, and seminars by outside speakers on aspects of enzymology. The following subjects are covered: protein sequence methodology, X-ray crystallography, computer graphic modeling, chemical and enzyme kinetics including regulatory kinetics, enzyme mechanisms, chemical modification of enzymes, and site-directed mutagenesis. Offered every other year, alternating with GBCH 544. Prerequisite: MBCH600A.

Sophomore Electives
Original research projects are also offered in several faculty labs. Advanced Genetics as well as all graduate courses are available to medical students.

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