Online Education

Introduction to CMS Education


The purpose of the Introduction to CMS Education program is to provide newly appointed CMS faculty a foundation for educating CMS students. By providing an easily accessible, standardized, and efficient platform for faculty to acquire information to enhance teaching methodology, we hope to ensure a uniform quality learning experience for students across CMS affiliate sites.

Giving Feedback

Intended Learning Objectives:

  • Describe giving feedback in more detail
  • Identify barriers that prevent effective feedback

Assessing a Trainee in a Clinical Setting

Intended Learning Objectives:

  • Improve performance by identifying deficiencies and providing opportunities for future learning
  • Provide a basis for choosing trainees for advanced learning
  • Evaluate student's learning (with regards to grading), and improve student's learning (with regards to assessment)

Student Treatment

Intended Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the current concepts regarding student mistreatment
  • Identify student mistreatment through interactive examples
  • Review short- and long-term consequences of student mistreatment

Introduction to CMS Community for Voluntary Faculty
  • The goal of this module is to provide an overview of the history of CMS and campus resources for faculty

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