Chicago Medical School

Office of the Dean and Executive Vice President for Clinical Affairs

John Tomkowiak, MD, MOL 
Executive Vice President for Clinical Affairs, Rosalind Franklin University
Dean, Chicago Medical School

Room 1.102, Main Building
Office: 847-578-3301 

James Zimmerman 
Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Accreditation and Finance 
Room 1.102

Office: 847-578-8773

Margot Surridge, MA 
Executive Advisor to the Dean 
LCME Accreditation Coordinator
Room 1.079, RWCLC
Office: 847-578-8594

Lisa Tyran 
Supervisor, Business Administration 
Room 1.102
Office: 847-578-3339

Cindy Higby 
Director for Accreditation & Administration 
Room 1.077, RWCLC
Office: 847-578-8542

Sarah Schuck 
Senior Administrative Assistant 
Room 1.102
Office: 847-578-3301

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