Presentations, Awards, Achievements

Summer Research Poster Award Past Winners


Suraj Jaisinghani, 1st place
"Stress Decreases Social and Exploratory Behavior"
          Amiel Rosenkranz, PhD, advisor
Daryn Cass, runnerup
“Repeated early adolescent CB1 cannabinoid receptor activation impairs hippocampal-amygdala interactions in the adult prefrontal cortex”
          Kuei Tseng, advisor
Ryan Glynn, runnerup
“Chronic Stress Exposure During Early Withdrawal from Extended-Access Cocaine Self-Administration Enhances Cue-Induced Cocaine Seeking Behavior”
          Marina Wolf, PhD, advisor


Sarah Samandary, 1ST place
“Identification of HLA-A*0201-Restricted CD8+ Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Epitopes from Herpes Simplex Virus Virion Protein 11/12”
          Lbachir BenMohamed, PhD, advisor
Saman Sizdahkhani, runnerup
“ILGF Regulation and Potentiation of Stem-Like Cells in Glioblastoma”
          Roberta Glick, MD, advisor
Daryn Cass, runnerup
“Effects of adolescent rat exposure to the CBI receptor agonist WIN 55,212-2 on development of the prefrontal cortex persisting into adulthood”
          Kuei Tseng, advisor

Summer Research Poster Presentations


SRF-SRP Combined Poster Program 2014

Students in the CMS Research Program Who Have Had Significant Awards

Joshua Bakhsheshian
2012-2013 National Institutes of Health Medical Research Scholar, NINDS, NCI
          (year long Leave of Absence, LOA)
2014 Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship
2014 AMA Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship (concurrent)

Matt Britton
2011-2013 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janella Farm 2 year LOA