MD with Distinction in Research (MDDR) Program
Director:  Lise Eliot, PhD
Department of Neuroscience
phone: x3416

Research for the MDDR may be either basic or clinical but consists of either original laboratory experiments or prospective/retrospective clinical studies. The research may encompass time spent in the laboratory in the M1 or M2 years, the summer between M1 and M2, and/or elective clinical clerkship rotations in M3 and M4. The medical student should identify an advisor who is willing to provide guidance, lab space, resources, and financial support for the conduct and reporting of the research.  Potential mentors may be suggested by and chosen in conjunction with Dr. Peterson or Dr. Marr. The project normally has a testable hypothesis, uses appropriate methodology, makes a significant contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge, and is “publishable” either by itself or in conjunction with other work from the laboratory. The student’s contribution to the project is written up by him/her and presented as on oral report to a group of peers, faculty and students. Detailed procedures are provided below. You may obtain an application form from Dr. Darryl Peterson.

Detailed procedures to follow to enter the program and obtain the MDDR

Participants in the MDDR Program