Onsite Research Opportunities

Summer Research Fellowship Training At CMS

Director: Robert Marr, PhD, Associate Dean for Research
email: robert.marr@rosalindfranklin.edu   phone: x8541

The Chicago Medical School supports summer research fellowships for medical students to work with a faculty member on a research project. The research project can be conducted in either a basic science or a clinical department and is usually for students between their M1 and M2 years. Frequently (but not required), the summer project is a carryover from research initiated in the M1 year and/or carries over into the M2 year.  Each fellowship carries a stipend (currently $4,000).  Applications are available in the spring and mentors are chosen in consultation with Dr. Robert Marr. Only faculty of RFUMS may serve as advisors for school sponsored summer fellowships. For information, faculty members who have served as research mentors in the past are provided in the link below. Alternatively, students may directly contact faculty with whom they might like to do research and see if the faculty are available for mentoring.

The Summer Research Announcement has been sent to all M1 and M1A students.  You may view the announcement here and also on the D2L course.

 All M1 and M1A students are advised to view the SRP - 2013 - CMS Student Research Program  course on D2L to which they have already been enrolled for more information.

Summer Research Poster Award Past Winners

Summer Research Poster Presentations

Summer Research News & Information: 

Congratulations to Mark Bamman who won second prize at the Midwest Biomedical Student Research Forum in Omaha in February!