Chicago Medical School


Strategic Priorities 2014-2016

Educational Excellence   CMS strives to deliver excellence in medical education through a re-imagined curriculum using state of the art teaching methods in both the didactic and clinical settings.

Growth and Stability   CMS provides growth through the establishment of regional campuses, simulation hospitals and new online degree programs. Stability is enhanced by providing continuous quality leadership to ensure compliance with LCME standards.

Affiliates   CMS works to develop new clinical affiliates who are willing to provide both undergraduate and graduate medical education experiences for CMS students and sponsored residents.

Research Excellence   CMS applies its faculty and student resources in the areas of basic science, educational assessment, and population health.

Interprofessionalism   CMS educates its students in an interprofessional environment, thereby encouraging appreciation and respect for the contributions of other health professions in the delivery of comprehensive and coordinated patient care.

Diversity   CMS proactively identifies recruits and enrolls faculty, staff and students who represent our value added groups leading to an appropriately diverse medical school.

Recognition   CMS student graduates and faculty are recognized as leaders who are uniquely able to add value to their community.

2014-16 Implementation Plan