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The Chicago Medical School is committed to transparency and accountability as we work to resolve the issues related to probation, and the timeline will highlight critical dates, and provide links to additional documents or outcomes. During this period, the school remains fully accredited and it is determined to resolve these issues in the most timely manner possible.


June 9-10 LCME voted to remove Chicago Medical School from probation.

January 25-28 LCME Site Visit


February 4 Chicago Medical School Retreat

February 25-27 LCME meeting

June 15-19 LCME meeting

October LCME meeting


October 14 Notice of probation received

October 28 Curriculum retreat

October 29 LCME Secretariat visit

November 20 Document problem areas – what is needed

November 25-December 6  
Approvals by all Governing Boards required

Academic Assembly


Board of Trustees

December 6 Final Documents submitted by Leads

December 7-9 First Document Review

December 9-10 External Review 1

December 10-11 External Review 2

December 9 – 13 Second Document Review

December 13 – 15 Document Final preparation

December 15 LCME report due

December 16 Document submitted

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