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LCME accreditation John Tomkowiak
  Margot Surridge
Admissions Patrick Knott
Student Concerns Becky Durkin
Alumni Martha Kelly Bates

For all prospective and current students

What is being done to resolve these issues?

  • We have worked very closely with the LCME to address specific areas at the Chicago Medical School in an effort to meet and exceed the LCME’s expectations. During its regular meeting Feb. 25-27, the LCME determined that CMS has demonstrated significant progress in meeting the national standards. The areas of concern the LCME had previously identified are no longer in “non-compliance.” The LCME considers these areas to be “in compliance with a need for monitoring.” Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on these areas to show desired outcomes to the LCME.

What were some of the issues you addressed?

  • Some of these areas include: revising our bylaws to reflect the process we use to make curricular and procedural changes, updating goals for diversity and inclusion that are measurable and achievable, modifying educational objectives that reflect the changing nature of courses, and ensuring that clinical faculty have academic appointment that reflect their role as teachers.  Complete information about the CMS accreditation issues is available on our website:

For RFUMS students who are not enrolled in the medical school

How is this affecting my college or school at the university?

  • Academic programs remain fully accredited and the College of Pharmacy remains in candidate status, and expects to be fully accredited in 2015 after they graduate their first class.
  • Other academic programs at the university will be largely unaffected by the CMS accreditation status. 

How do I respond to questions at my clinical site?

  • The Chicago Medical School is fully accredited, but it is on probation. Everyone in the medical school and the university is working diligently to correct the problems and get the medical school off probation as soon as possible. 

CMS Specific:

Who do I contact with questions?

  • Students should feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs at 847-578-3205.
  • Applicants should feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at 847-578-3204.

How will this affect my student status? 

  • An accreditation status of probation does not impact student status or opportunities. Students are still eligible to sit for their board exams, graduate and obtain residencies. Likewise, services such as financial aid and visa sponsorship remain unaffected.

How do I respond to questions at my clinical sites?

  • All CMS affiliates have received official communication from the university.  Please let clinicians know about the CMS accreditation website and any other inquiries can be forwarded to the Office of the Dean.

How will this affect my residency match?

  • The selection of medical students for a residency program is an individual selection of a person who best fits the needs of that program.  It is based on the student's personal accomplishments, academic performance, clinical skills, and personality.  A medical school accreditation status of probation does not directly impact a student’s ability to match.  Students may get questions regarding the reasons why we are on probation or about their impression of the strength of their educational experience.  You should answer these questions truthfully.  In terms of the upcoming match, our students are competitive, have strong pass rates for boards and demonstrate superior clinical skills. These strengths will be evident to residency program directors.

When will we get off probation?

  • There is no exact timeline for being removed from probation. Most schools can be successful and fix the problems within 18 months. The LCME has key milestones in coming months in which it will review our progress, including a limited survey visit at a date yet to be determined this year. The school administration is determined to resolve the issues in the most timely manner possible.
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Status Report - December 1, 2014

LCME Site Visit January 25-28, 2015

This calculation is based on the work plan that has been developed for each of the fourteen competencies that are in compliance with a need for monitoring, using a simple mathematical equation of tasks completed divided by total number of tasks. It is a representation of the work effort by the school's administration, faculty and staff.