Medical Student Education

The Department of Neurology is involved in three of the four years of undergraduate medical education. In the first year, during the correlated Basic Neuroscience Course, clinical material is discussed in conjunction with the basic science substrates. In the second year, the Department of Neurology contributes a notable portion of the Clinical Neuroscience course.  Additionally, during the second year as an integral part of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course, common neurological symptoms and their causes are presented by department faculty.

Required Courses:

  • MS1 - NS 501 Neuroscience (under Neuroscience Department)
  • MS2 - PSY 601A, 601B Clinical Neuroscience (under Psychiatry Department)
  • MS3 - NEU 700 Junior Clerkship

MS4 - Senior Electives

  • NEU 801 Advanced Clinical Neurology
  • NEU 803 Clinical Neurology Preceptorship
  • NEU 805 Clinical Neurology Preceptorship
  • NEU 850 Neurology
  • Neurology-related electives in other departments
Life in Discovery
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