Office of Accreditation

The CMS Office of Accreditation coordinates the efforts of the Medical School with respect to compliance and continuous quality leadership.  The Office manages the interface between the medical school and the LCME for undergraduate medical education, ACGME for graduate medical education, and the ACCME for continuing medical education. The Office is responsible for implementing the LCME Data Collection Instrument and the ASSET Database.  The Office is charged with facilitating the activities of the various Medical School constituents to not only achieve compliance with Standards, but to define and achieve excellence in medical education. Excellence in medical education is evaluated by establishing specific benchmarks, goals, and instruments of measure. Actual performance against all established goals is monitored and used to drive programmatic change, leading to continuous quality improvement.

Accreditation Status

We are pleased to announce that the Chicago Medical School (CMS) is now in full compliance with standards as set by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and is removed from its probationary status.

Throughout and ongoing, CMS has recognized the importance of transparency and has made open communication about its status and progress a priority. The school is currently engaged in a year-long internal self-assessment of accreditation standards led by 12 interprofessional teams of more than 100 stakeholders, including faculty, staff, administrators, trustees and community partners. CMS self-assessments and accreditation activities may be tracked through this CMS Office of Accreditation web page. Accordingly, we will be prepared in terms of planning, compliance and accountability for our next full accreditation visit scheduled for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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